She found peace behind the eyes of the wild animal, a state to cross into. 

Queen Elizabeth I

Among Gassenheimer de Friedlander's most recent work are paper collages, which combine the effect of mosaic with a painterly sensibility. Her portrait of "Queen Elizabeth I" Queen Elizabeth I- composed of gilt doilies, faux pearls, butterfly wings and seashells, among other bits of exotic detritus - conveys a seriousness under a mask of whimsy. The queen's stern visage portrays both the glory and anxiety of greatness.Similarly, "Albino Python,"Albino Python fashioned of Gassenheimer's trademark treasure chest potpourri, has a coiled, magisterial dangerousness. These works, as with her mosaic sculpture, have a quality of images frozen from life's kaeidoscope.
-- Livia Linden. Filmmaker/Scriptwriter

Fin Fatale

She found peace behind the eyes of the wild animal, a state to cross into. Piercing eyes. Fin FataleThey're alive, sharp as the claws on the feet that propel them through the landscape; unblinking eyes of the jungle. With her camera she shot pictures of them in packs, flocks, and dens, then pinned the exposures on the walls of her room. Baboons and cheetahs stalked across the collage, thrilled her, filled her with adventures pleasure. Snakes pasted to the baseboards, birds on ceiling. She needed them around her, their growls in the night.


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